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This court ’s history and jurisdiction over litigation

With the booming of population, economy, and culture in Kaohsiung, the population's field of activity has expanded tremendously; and on top of that is the rapid change in social environment. This increased the interaction between various sectors and ethnic groups, and in turn, people’s needs for utilizing the judicial system to settle disputes have drastically increased over the years.
The number of court cases the Kaohsiung District Court process annually surpassed all other courts in the country. However, compared to the Big Taipei area, which houses three district courts (Taipei, New Taipei, and Shihlin local courts), Kaohsiung only has one district court. As a result of the strict staffing quota and the ever-increasing number of cases, the employees at the court are often highly stressed and overworked.
Additionally, Kaohsiung District Court is located in the city center. This causes great inconvenience to the public living in the more remote areas of Kaohsiung, since they have to travel long distances to reach the court.made it highly inaccessible to the population in more remote areas of Kaohsiung.
Furthermore, the Kaohsiung District Court and the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office have been utilizing a shared and limited office space; though the space was no longer sufficient for the operations of both parties, due to governmental regulations, the building could not be expanded.
In order to alleviate the heavy work load effectively, and to avoid the declining service quality, to provide efficient and high quality legal services, as well as construct a friendly working environment, the construction of a second district court is imperative.

With the aforementioned reasons in mind, Cai Wen Gui, the former chief of the Kaohsiung and Lin Shui Cheng, the presiding judge, visited various related personnel and departments to discuss and strategize the construction of a second district court in Kaohsiung.
Under the tremendous assistance of Wang Jin-pyng, former President of the Legislative Yuan, Tang Jin-chuan, Yu Cheng-dao, Zhuo Jung-Tai and other members of the legislature, the Legislative Yuan established a grant for the second district court in April of 2001 and the Judicial Yuan approved the construction of a second district court for Kaohsiung in April and May of 2001. The district court was temporarily named “Taiwan Fengshan District Court.”
Upon the approval of the Legislative Yuan and the Judicial Yuan, the preparatory work for the construction of a second district court in Kaohsiung began immediately. The process of seeking the most suitable land for the construction of the district court was made possible with the assistance of Yang Chiu-hsing, the former Kaohsiung county major, and Yu Cheng-Hsian, the former minister of the Ministry of the Interior.
After more than 10 years of planning, discussing, seeking suitable land, and erecting the buildings, the construction of the anticipated district court was finally completed. The Judicial Yuan officially named the district court as “Taiwan Ciaotou District Court” on May 15th, 2014, and publically announced the establishment of “Taiwan Ciaotou District Court” on August 7th, 2015.

The Taiwan Ciaotou District Court is responsible for judicial cases in the following districts: Ciaotou, Zuoying, Nanzi, Dashu, Niaosong, Renwu, Dashe, Gangshan, Yanchao, Yongan, Mituo, Zigong, Luzu, Alian, Hunei, Cheting, Tianliao, Chishan, Meinong, Neimen, Chiahsien, Shanlin, Liouguei, Namasia, Taoyuan, and Maolin. Additionally, Summary Courts have been established in Ciaotou, Gangshan, and Chishan to better serve the people.


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